The Bamford 275 is built out of a passion for high performance motoring, top quality customisation and the desire to break boundaries. We put our clients in the driving seat from the moment production begins, providing a level of input making the vehicle as personal as it is beautiful and ensuring through every step that the finished vehicle brings dreams to life.



Our cars are the next step in the evolution of bespoke motoring and reflect the unbeatable quality established by the Bamford brand, providing the levels of meticulous precision and attention to detail that our customers have come to expect. Prepare yourself for the next level.



Modern functionality and performance meets hand built craftsmanship and classic design.
The goal of Bamford 275 is simple. Namely, to construct a beautiful vehicle that is fully capable of performing in all conceivable conditions and engineered to perfection. The painstaking construction of each body part harks back to an era of unequalled hand-built quality. Our craftsmen are specialists and use traditional tools and techniques that are seldom seen today, such as hand beating and English Wheeling, in order to shape the panels and ensure that contouring is perfect. Although most will imagine the car with the top down, this is a machine that will look equally stunning with the roof up.